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Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine, September 2009
This article is about immigration to the USA of "aliens of extraordinary ability." It summarizes both the history of this immigration category, as well as the requirements to immigrate to the USA under this category, both temporarily and permanently.

Effron, Josh, Immigration Law for the Criminal Lawyer, ORANGE COUNTY LAWYER, December 2010, 26.
The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that criminal lawyers have an ethical duty to their clients to explain SPECIFIC consequences of pleas/convictions; criminal lawyers can no longer simply say that "there may be certain adverse immigration consequences" for a particular plea/conviction. This article helps criminal lawyers in this new regime by outlining the important immigration considerations that all criminal lawyers must take into account in order to effectively advise clients in their criminal cases. (The article can also be found at, at 52 Orange County Lawyer 26 .)

Fleming, Jeff A., Fleming's Fundamentals of Law Multistate Examination Workbook, Volume I, 2011.
Fleming, Jeff A., Fleming's Fundamentals of Law Multistate Examination Workbook, Volume II, 2013.
This series is an excellent study guide for law students who are taking the the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE), which is a component of the general Bar Examinations of all but two U.S. jurisdictions. Attorney Josh Effron was a contributing editor who helped draft questions and explanations for answers. He also helped to update previous questions to conform to a new format used in the MBE beginning in 2011.
Effron, Josh, Special Immigrant Juvenile Status For Unaccompanied Minors, ORANGE COUNTY LAWYER, July 2012, 18.
This article discusses in detail Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, which is a path to permanent residency for unaccompanied minors who may otherwise be ineligible for any immigration benefits. The unusual thing about Special Immigrant Juvenile Status is that it involves State and federal authorities, unlike almost anything else in immigration law, which is strictly federal. (The article can also be found at, at 54 Orange County Lawyer 18.)

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