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Immigrant Rep, Inc.® handles any and all stages of the immigration process, whether you need representation from start to finish or only need representation for part of the immigration process.

Services for

Immigrants and Employers


At Immigrant Rep, Inc.®, the first step in analyzing your case is the FREE CONSULTATION, which starts by filling out and submitting our CLIENT INTAKE FORM.

Our services extend to ALL areas of Immigration Law, including:


Degree-Based Visas
Visas Based on Employment
Exchange Visitor Visas
Extraordinary Ability-Based Visas
Green Cards (Permanent Residence)
Immigration Court
Intracompany Exchange Visas
Investment Visas

Fiancé Visas
Marriage-Based Visas
Visas Based on Other Family Relationships
Application of Special "NACARA" Law
Religious-Based Visas
Student Visas
Tourist Visas
Visas for Victims of Trafficking

Visas for Victims of Abuse

Diplomatic Visas

Refugee Status, Asylum, Withholding of Removal, and Convention against Torture



Services for
Law Firms and Lawyers



We work with law firms and lawyers, making appearances on their behalf in Immigration Court and before USCIS, in locations throughout the USA.

Case Work

We also help law firms by working on either all or part of a client's immigration case. For instance, we have helped several criminal law and family law firms in the immigration aspects of their clients' cases.

Our fees are flexible, and when we work with lawyers or law firms, fee discussions are always between Immigrant Rep, Inc. and the lawyer or law office. Also, when we work with law offices, we only bill the law office; we will never bill the client directly. Please call (310) 427-7705 for further information about how Immigrant Rep, Inc.® can help your office.

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